Executive Board Nominations Deadline - December 1, 2022

posted on Nov 23 2022

Make industry connections, develop new friendships and have a say in the programs and events that directly impact you.

Join the 2023 Executive Board!

Nominations are being accepted in the following categories:

✅ two members from a municipality over 150,000
✅ one member from a municipality over 25,000, and at or under 150,000
✅ three members from a municipality over 5,000, and at or under 25,000
✅ two members from a municipality at or under 5,000
✅ one member from the Public Facilities Category

The nomination deadline is December 1st, 2022.

Click here for the Nominations Form and e-mail to

For more information visit our website or contact Nominations Chair Chris Huston.

To be eligible for voting and to receive the 2023 electronic voting ballot, your membership must be in good standing by January 31st, 2023. Election results will be announced at the Annual General Meeting on March 15th, 2023.