Information on COVID-19

posted on Mar 20 2020

As a water/wastewater operator you are responsible for producing clean drinking water, treating wastewater and ultimately maintaining public health. How could COVID-19 affect you as an operator?

Below are documents provided by Water Research Australia and Stantec with background information on COVID-19 and considerations to be taken by water and wastewater operators. The BCWWA has also compiled a variety of resources from different agencies on to one web page.

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Water and Sanitation
Provided by Water Research Australia

This information sheet synthesizes information currently available on novel coronavirus (COVID-19) [previously known as novel coronavirus (2019-nCOV)] - what is known about the virus, similar viruses, and the management of viruses in terms of water and sanitation systems. 

Introduction to Coronaviruses 
Provided by Stantec

The purpose of this article is to provide water and wastewater utilities with a summary of some of the relevant issues related to coronaviruses treatment with considerations and recommendations to water and wastewater treatment practitioners with respect to coronaviruses in general.

COVID-19 Resources
Provided by BCWWA
This web page contains information from different agencies to assist organizations in their planning process as new information becomes available. This information includes water/wastewater sector specific resources, business continuity planning and general information resources regarding the virus.