Meet Our 2021-22 Executive Board!

posted on Mar 15 2021

At the 46th Annual Operators Virtual Seminar, our 2021-22 Executive Board was announced. The AWWOA is pleased to introduce the following Board members.

Congratulations to the elected Directors!

2021-22 Board of Directors

Position Name Representing
Chair Dennis Tomuschat AWWOA Officer
Vice Chair Sandra Kotch AWWOA Officer
Past Chair Darrin Wenzel AWWOA Officer
Finance Chair  Mike Bureaud 150K+ Pop.
Operators Seminar Chair   Joseph Rahn 25K - 150K Pop.
Training Chair/WCW Director Rep Bert J. Miller 150K+ Pop.
Nominations Chair Chris Huston 5K - 25K Pop.
Charitable Donations Chair Doug Thorson Life Member
Awards Chair Tammy Elzinga 5K - 25K Pop.
Water Week Chair Kathy Jonzon 25K - 150K Pop.
Director Paresh Dhariya 5K - 25K Pop.
Director Daris Podgurski Under 5K Pop.
Director  Theo Hohner Under 5K Pop.
Director  Rick Gervais Under 5K Pop.
Director Don Erechuk Public Facilities