Taking Care of Your Drinking Water: A Guide for Members of Municipal Councils

posted on Mar 22 2019

Taking Care of Your Drinking Water and Wastewater: A Guide for Municipal Councils is a document published by Alberta Environment & Parks outlining what members of municipal councils need to know about their drinking water and wastewater responsibilities. It was originally posted in 2012 and updated in August 2018.

"Albertans expect that their water is of high quality and safe to drink. As a member of municipal council, there is an important role for you to play in ensuring that your community's expectations are met - in fact, there is a legal duty requiring you to do so."

In addition to outlining the responsibilities of managers, directors and councils, it also provides:

  • Actions that can be taken to be better informed about drinking water and wastewater oversight responsibilities,
  • a checklist to determine current understanding of waterworks and wastewater systems,
  • questions to ask when drinking water or wastewater decisions are being made in council,
  • an overview of water and wastewater management topics and
  • an opportunity to learn more about water including water and wastewater treatment processes.

By sharing this document with your managers, directors and council members, you will be ensuring they have adequate information to make the best decisions about the water and wastewater systems in the area.

The full publication can be viewed on theĀ Government of Alberta website.