2022 Water Week Workshop #3 - Engineered Hot Taps, Line Stops, Valve Inserts & Freezes - A Comprehensive Look at the Technology


0.3 CEUs


It is becoming increasingly difficult to shut down our systems. With 50+ years old, under capacity, inoperable or unreliable infrastructure, operators are always looking for ways to keep their infrastructure live and critical downstream clients and processes in operation.

Join us in this 3-hour in-depth workshop that discusses all of the technologies you didn’t know existed to keep your infrastructure live and your clients with full services.

At the end of this workshop, students will understand which technology can most efficiently and cost-effectively be used to keep infrastructure live to accommodate downstream work. They will have a basic understanding of what a hot tap, line stop, valve insert, and freeze plug is and how they operate.

Presenter(s): Brandon Pater, Pacific Flow Control

The CEUs from this workshop can be used toward the following discipline(s) for certification renewal:

• Water distribution
• Wastewater collection


NOTE: This workshop was delivered at the Annual Operators Seminar in Banff, March 2022. Due to its popularity, it will be presented again at Water Week in Edmonton. If you attended this session in Banff, please note that you will not be awarded additional 0.3 CEUs for attending this workshop in Edmonton.

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The students will be introduced to new hot taps that they didn’t know were possible such as hot tapping:
-Walls, tanks and blind flanges
-Tangentially or at an angle
-Without a valve or with a butterfly or plug valve
-Large diameter hot taps (>48”)
-High-pressure hot taps (>250PSI)
-Different products (Sewer, sludge, natural gas, nitrogen)

They will have a clear understanding of industries best safety and quality control practices for service hot taps into PVC, AC, CI and DI pipe, including:
-Uni-Bells hot tapping guidelines – Safety and quality practices for hot tapping PVC pipe
-Hydrostatic vs pneumatic pressure test (focused on viscosity and safety)
-Sleeve selection for different pipe materials – gaskets requirements, fitting (top of OD range vs bottom), torque, beam loading and pipe support
-Valve selection – full port, ball vs gate, steel vs resilient wedge
-Calculating total travel, cutout distance and coupon depth
-Tapping machine, cutter and pilot selection based on the above calculations
-Overall hot tapping safety

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