2021 Pre-Seminar Workshop #1 - The Real Foreman of Alberta: Lagoons to Collection Line Maintenance


0.3 CEUs


Increasing stress on treatment systems and the operators that run them are proving to be the norm across the industry as regulations increase. Wastewater treatment systems have issues from fat, grease and oil build up in collections lines to sludge mounds accumulating in lagoon cells to lift stations malfunctions, and incompliant discharge of treated effluent. Updates to permits are changing treatment requirements, increasing the level of efficiency required before discharge. National movements are pushing to add additional parameters to permits to remove other nutrients of concern. In order to manage and maintain a
functional and effective wastewater treatment system proven techniques and system enhancements are vital to achieve the optimal level of treatment required. Obtaining the council and direction from seasoned town foreman with insight on new and traditional methods to tackle challenges, solve system failures and reach regulated treatment permits will provide valued lessons and needed training.

Presented by Jonathan Lee, Acti-Zyme Products Ltd and additional operators as co-presenters.


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