Water and Wastewater Resource Materials

The Closer to Home - Smaller Centres Water and Wastewater Operator Renewal Initiative was a collaborative project for strengthening and renewing capacity and expertise for safe drinking water and responsibly managed wastewater systems across Alberta's smaller rural centres.

Print and AV materials were developed to support municipal leaders and water and wastewater utility managers. Funding was provided primarily through Rural Alberta's Development Fund. 


Operational Succession for Utilities

Vulnerability of Public Officials

Getting on the Right Track Toolkit Flyer (contact AWWOA to request your DVD)


Alberta Water Wise Videos - Water management case study videos for small communities.

Water testing videos - How to take water samples for various types of tests.


Water Wise Alberta Information:

LRA-003 Working Effectively with Local Certified Operators

46 minutes running time (Original event – May 2013)


LRA-004 Sustainable Local Water & Wastewater Utilities – Accounting for the True Cost of Water

47 minutes running time (Original event – June 2013)


LRA-005 Sensible Innovation for Alberta Local Water & Wastewater Utilities

44 minutes running time (Original event – July 2013)


LRA-006 So You’re Running for Council: Do You Know What You’re Getting Into?

45 minutes running time (August 2013)


LRA-007 WaterWise Alberta - Public Health & Municipal Water Oversight

46 minutes running time (September 2013)


LRA-008 WaterWise Alberta - Watershed Management and Protection for Municipal Officials

48 minutes running time (Original event month – October 2013)


LRA-009 WaterWise Alberta - Now You're Elected: Water & Wastewater Considerations for Officials

50 minutes running time (Original event month – November 2013)