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Courses Offered 2020-21

June 28, 2021 - Training Update
Thank you to all students who completed courses with AWWOA this training season. Your cooperation with the mandatory precautions that were in place allowed instructor(s) and students to complete classroom training in the safest way possible.

In-person training for 2021-22 will return this fall.  The new training calendar will be available and open for registration in August. AWWOA will continue to assess the safety of our classrooms with consideration for the latest government regulations and will provide our members with the latest training information available.

Interested in training through the summer? Online & Correspondence courses are available year-round!

Safe Return to the Classroom
Maintaining the health and safety of operators has been and will continue to be most important to us.  A number of precautions were put in place for all in-person training courses during the 2020-21 calendar that complied with the latest government regulations.  For details on these changes, visit COVID19 Response for Training.