Water and Wastewater Utility Operator Newsletter

AWWOA publishes the Alberta Utility Operator (AUO) Newsletter three times per year.  Each issue includes the latest information on AWWOA training & events with regular features such as:

  • information on upcoming AWWOA events and training
  • updates on our Charitable Donations
  • testing your skills with the Math Corner
  • inspiring and encouraging messages from The Old Operator
  • important updates from Alberta Environment & Parks
  • special profiles on our members 
  • cover stories of projects happening throughout the province

Members: do you have an article or story idea you would like to feature in an upcoming issue?  Submit your articles to

Current Issue


Spring 2023 Edition

Past Issues

Click on the titles below to read past issues of the AUO.

2023 Winter Edition Spring Edition  
2022 Winter Edition Spring Edition Fall Edition
2021 Winter Edition Spring Edition Fall Edition
2020 Winter Edition Spring Edition Fall Edition

*Members: to receive your copy in the mail please ensure you have a valid AWWOA Membership and an updated mailing address in your profile.

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