2022 Pre-Seminar Workshop #1 - Bonnybrook WWTP Cogeneration Expansion Project


0.3 CEUs



The Bonnybrook WWTP Cogeneration Expansion Project is currently in the commissioning phase, and is slated to complete in April, 2022. The project’s purpose is to improve on biogas usage from the anerobic digestion process by consuming it in a new combined heat and power facility.

This presentation will discuss the design of the system at a high level and will focus on interesting features and challenges in design and operation. Commissioning will be discussed at length, including logical planning and operator training for a facility that is unique to wastewater treatment plants in Canada.

At the heart of the facility is a combustion turbine generator (CTG), which burns a blend of conditioned digester gas and natural gas to produce a yearly average of 4,400 kWe/hr of operation. The exhaust heat from the CTG is used to produce high pressure steam in a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG). The steam is used in a steam turbine for an additional 660 kWe of power and will also be used in a future Thermal Hydrolysis Process (THP) to boost biogas production and increase digester capacity.

This cogeneration expansion will be installed alongside the three (3) existing 1,500 kW reciprocating gas engines at the facility. This will bring the potential average generation capacity of Bonnybrook up to 9,400 kWe. To accommodate this power increase, an advanced power management system will assist in generator dispatch and allow full or part plant operation independent of the electrical grid.

Biogas treatment at the facility consists of pressurization, dehydration, siloxane removal, and optional H2S Scrubbing. A specialized H2S-resistant siloxane media was selected to simplify the conditioning process.

Kyle Jensen, Stantec; Ryan Balt, Graham and Sean Killoran, City of Calgary

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