2022 Pre-Seminar Workshop #2 - Jar Testing for Operators, How to Optimize Water Plant Chemistry


0.3 CEUs


In the field, we often meet with operators who are unfamiliar with the math, theory, or application of jar testing which can lead to wasteful chemical use or non-optimal treatment results. This workshop will focus on the theory behind various available chemistries and what they target, the math behind stock solutions and dosages in jar testing, and the application of those results in your plant.

There will be both technical and a hands-on portion with a real water source, to learn how to optimize a chemical program and what to look for along the way. We will answer questions from operators on their specific challenges and needs in their plant, to help increase knowledge behind jar testing, troubleshooting coagulant and polymer chemistry, in which operators can bring back a stronger understanding to their plant.

Presenter(s): Doug Riddell and Dalen Crouse, Klearwater Equipment & Technologies

Dates & Locations

    • Session #2
    • Mar 14, 2022 8:30am - Mar 14, 2022 12:00pm
    • Banff Rocky Mountain Resort - 1029 Banff Ave - Banff

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