2022 Pre-Seminar Workshop #3 - Oxygenation and Circulation Techniques to Improve Water Quality in Raw Water, Wastewater, Stormwater, and Managed Lakes & Ponds


0.3 CEUs



This workshop will inform operators, water resource managers, scientists, engineers, and any interested stakeholder in oxygenation and circulation techniques. The workshop will provide a comprehensive review of both theory and practice of oxygenation and circulation techniques. Participants will be provided the tools and training to be able to properly select and design oxygenation and/or circulation system to address a particular water quality issue(s).

Presenter(s): Patrick Goodwin, Good Aquatics and Raymond Menard, Algae Control Canada

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-Reasons for oxygenation and circulation
-Types and proper selection of oxygenation and circulation techniques
-Caveats and lessons learned from oxygenation and circulation techniques
-Sediment features
-External nutrient loading
-Life cycle costs
-Methods for calculating oxygen demands
-Incoming oxygen demands
-Biological oxygen demands
-Chemical oxygen demands
-In-lake oxygen demands
-Sediment oxygen demands
-Dissolve oxygen and temperature profile data
-Oxygenation and circulation system sizing
-Freshwater Vs. wastewater
-Models (“rule of thumb”) Vs. site-specific data
-Sizing for manganese
-Sizing for hydrogen sulfide
-Sizing for ammonia/ammonium
-Sizing for algal control
-Quantifying thermal structure and determining target waters
-Calculating theoretical Vs. actual oxygen transfer rates
-Calculating water movement from air
-Remote monitoring and system calibration