2022 Pre-Seminar Workshop #5 - Resiliency Lessons Learned from Natural Disasters and How They Impact Operations


0.3 CEUs



Disasters in Alberta and further afield over the last several years have wreaked havoc on our utilities.

This workshop will outline some of the impacts of recent disasters and what we have learned about our utilities as a result. Later, the focus of workshop will turn to how we can leverage the lessons learned by others.

These lessons, in conjunction with well-informed risk assessments and prioritizations that incorporate the anticipated impacts of climate change, provide us the opportunity to proactively mitigate risks and make our infrastructure and operations more resilient to disasters and better able to recover when disasters do occur.

The workshop will be delivered by key Stantec personnel responsible for emergency response and utility system planning. Stephan Weninger is Stantec’s North American Discipline Leader for conveyance system and has been a key part of water system disaster response and recovery over the past several years. He is also the water team lead for Stantec’s contract with the British Government for emergency response for Commonwealth nations within the Caribbean. Neal Cody leads Stantec’s Wet Weather and Network Modeling Practices in Western Canada and was a co-author of CSA’s upcoming standard W210 - Prioritization of Flood Risk in Existing Communities; he has led utility modeling and planning assignments addressing climate resiliency across Canada and in New Zealand.

Presenter(s): Stephan Weninger and Neal Cody, Stantec

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