2024 Pre-Seminar Workshop #1 - Critical Leak Repair Without Shutdown


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As our infrastructure ages beyond its expected lifespan at an alarming rate, many municipalities find themselves unable to replace it quickly enough. While strides have been made in enhancing redundancy within distribution systems, transmission and feeder main infrastructure often lags, leaving municipalities exposed to significant risks.

When critical infrastructure fails or is compromised by accidental damage from drills or machinery, municipalities are forced into a state of emergency, frequently necessitating a complete shutdown. This results in hundreds or even thousands of clients being without water or placed under boil water advisories. Often, this is due to a lack of awareness regarding all available options.

In this enlightening three-hour session, we will explore a range of solutions, including,
•Repair Clamps – The different types and why gaskets and outlets matter.
•Engineered Encasement Sleeves – How the type of leak will dictate the sizing and type of material, and how to mitigate long lead times.
•Temporary Isolation & Bypass Techniques - Line stops, valve inserts, nitrogen line freezing and their limitations.
•Welded Repairs – Carbon steel, stainless steel, AWWA C300, C301 & C303 and how to weld with water.
•Divers – Interior repairs without drain down.

The discussion will encompass emergency fitting turnaround times, evaluating the impact of different pipe materials, failure modes, and varying flow volumes on the choice of repair techniques. The group will also delve into strategies for avoiding exacerbation of a challenging situation by thoroughly assessing the existing conditions. This includes ensuring the presence of adequate thrust restraint, maintaining pipe integrity, and assembling the right team to execute the repair.

Branden Pater, Pacific Flow Control Ltd

The CEUs from this course can be used toward the following discipline(s) for certification renewal:

• Water Distribution
• Wastewater Collection

Dates & Locations

    • Session #1
    • Mar 11, 2024 8:30am - Mar 11, 2024 12:00pm
    • Banff Rocky Mountain Resort - 1029 Banff Ave - Banff

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