2024 Pre-Seminar Workshop #2 - Taste and Odour Mitigation Approaches for Water Utilities – Recent Learnings


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Taste and odour (T&O) challenges continue to plague the water, wastewater, and stormwater industry. In light of recent events exacerbated by climate change, these challenges continue to increase and affect the public directly. To prevent future taste and odour problems from arising, troubleshooting approaches can be followed.

In wastewater and stormwater systems, hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S(g)) is often the culprit, emanating from different stormwater, water and wastewater infrastructure components. The focus of this presentation will be to address the shortcomings in forcemain and lift station designs that resulted in odour complaints and the operational tools that can be used to mitigate.

In surface water and drinking water supply systems, T&O concerns can become quite complex, largely driven by the fact that drinking water can taste differently to different people. Investigations in these kinds of cases can take a significant amount of time. Consequently, managing resources and public expectations can be very difficult.

This presentation will draw upon recent case studies and years of collective experience to mitigate T&O issues that arise in existing water and wastewater systems and show you what to look out for in the building of new systems. This presentation will also provide further details about recent project success stories in T&O management to support the health and safety of the public, operators, and contractors, and meet regulatory requirements.

Klas Ohman, Associated Engineering

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• Water Distribution
• Wastewater Collection
• Water Treatment
• Wastewater Treatment

Dates & Locations

    • Session #1
    • Mar 11, 2024 8:30am - Mar 11, 2024 12:00pm
    • Banff Rocky Mountain Resort - 1029 Banff Ave - Banff

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