Level III/IV Water Distribution Certification Preparation


1.2 CEUs


This class is available in three formats: in-class (2 days), home study or online.

This two day course was developed to assist operators prepare for writing the provincial certification exam for Level III and/or IV Water Distribution.

NOTE: Applicants who wish to write the certification exam must qualify and MUST apply to Alberta Environment prior to the deadline during the application window for exams. For additional certification information, please contact Alberta Environment and Parks at 780-427-7713 or 780-643-1992 or email: WaterandWastewaterOperatorCert@gov.ab.ca


Candidates should hold Level II or higher Water Distribution Certification and should be working in a Class II or higher facility.

Course Completion Exam:
At the end of the course (in any format) a completion exam will be given. It consists of 50 questions. An overall minimum of 70% is needed to achieve a passing grade. If unsuccessful, one rewrite will be allowed.

Delivery Formats

Online, Home Study,


Topics Include:
-Certification - provincial program, requirements, exams, renewals.
-Support Systems - components, valves and operation, pumps, impellers, flow patterns, types of centrifugal pumps, operation, hydraulics, inspections, bearings, motors, instrumentation types of meters.
-Water Distribution Systems - operators, system flow characteristics, operation & maintenance, water quality, design factors, system hydraulics.
-Piping - pipe types and characteristics, installation, trenching.
-Hydrants, Reservoirs & Pumphouses - fire hydrants, potable water reservoirs, pumphouses.
-Disinfection, Leak Detection & Backflow Prevention - water quality, disinfection, leak detection, backflow prevention devices.
-Corrosion, Flushing & Pigging - prevention, system flushing, water line pigging.
-Mathematics - math basics, metric system, percentages, dimensional analysis, volume, proportions, percent solution, formula manipulation, temperature, Langelier Index, detention time.
-Hydraulics - density, density, pressure/force/head, flow and velocity, horsepower, kilowatt calculations.
-Safety Hazards - hazards, tool safety, ladder safety.
-Confined Space & Lockout Procedures - confined space entry, ladder safety, lockout & tag.
-Excavations, Traffic & Safety Programs - trenching safety, traffic control.
-Administration - employee management, communication, maintenance programs.
-Drinking Water Guidelines - drinking water quality, biological parameters, physical & chemical parameters.
-Glossary and references included.

Inclass: No manuals will be forwarded to students in advance of this course – the instructor will provide all material on-site including a course completion exam.

Home study: Materials will be mailed upon registration. Confirmation of this will be emailed.

Online: Course materials are available immediately upon registration through AWWOA online profile. Further instructions and information about the course are emailed after registration.


$460.00 Must have current AWWOA Membership

$560.00 Non-Members

$345.00 (For in-class courses only) Must have a current AWWOA Membership and be an operator of a small public rural water/wastewater facility.