Source Control


1.2 CEUs


This two day course provides an understanding of issues related to source control that are relevant for individuals who design, administer or deal with consequences related to source control management.

The CEUs from this course can be used toward the following discipline(s) for certification renewal:

• Wastewater treatment


Note: If you have previously taken this course through Edmonton Waste Management Centre of Excellence (EWMCE) please be aware of the CEU implications of retaking the same course. Contact Alberta Environment for information.

Delivery Formats

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Topics Include:
-Understand an overview of wastewater collection and treatment.
-Recognize how source control is a tool for wastewater management.
-Describe the three pillars of an effective source control program.
-Understand the Federal, Provincial and Municipal Regulatory structures that govern wastewater discharges and protect the public and the aquatic environment.
-Identify the classifications of different industrial wastewater streams and select the chemical parameters to sample for.
-Implement best practices as outlined in the National Guide to Sustainable Municipal Infrastructure: Innovations and Best Practices.
-Contribute to the evaluation of pre-treatment facilities.
-Recognize how the various levels of legislation affect the successful delivery of a source control program.
-Recognize Source Control programs as an effective tool for sound infrastructure management.
-Describe the components of a sewer use bylaw.
-Explain how the components of a sewer use bylaw relate to each other and the day-to-day tasks of a bylaw enforcement officer.
-Identify components of a successful inspection/enforcement program and be able to evaluate their effectiveness in achieving your objectives.
-Demonstrate proper procedures for site inspection, capturing auditing samples, and the collection of evidence.
-Understand the critical importance of proper record keeping.
-Discuss the progressive enforcement model for noncompliance of municipal bylaw.
-Demonstrate understanding of the communication skills necessary for inspections and enforcement.
-Display the skills that are important to de-escalate volatile situations
-Demonstrate understanding of personal safety.
-Understand the importance of public education to the successful implementation of a Source Control program and for the compliance of municipal bylaws.
-Present strategies to effectively communicate your municipality’s objectives to the public.

No manuals will be forwarded to students in advance of this course – the instructor will provide all material on-site.


$460.00 Must have current AWWOA Membership

$560.00 Non-Members

$345.00 (For in-class courses only) Must have a current AWWOA Membership and be an operator of a small public rural water/wastewater facility.