Water Well Operation and Maintenance


1.2 CEUs


About 90 percent of rural Albertans rely on groundwater for domestic and livestock water supply. There are over 500,000 recorded wells in Alberta.

This two-day course is designed to assist the water well operator in the day to day operation and maintenance of their wells. It will focus on water sources, understanding ground water, aquifers; well head protection, Alberta Environment Standards and Guidelines, types of wells, well maintenance, well pumps and service guidelines, disinfection of wells and pumps, well operators responsibilities and record keeping, plugging of abandoned wells and allocation and licensing of wells.
It will use hands on exercises to calculate the required amount of chlorine to shock disinfect wells and calculations for acid treatments.

Delivery Formats

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Topics include:
• Water sources
• Groundwater wells
• Type of wells
• Well maintenance
• Well pumps
• Disinfection of wells and pumps
• Well operator responsibilities and record keeping

No manuals will be forwarded to students in advance of this course – the instructor will provide all material on-site.


$460.00 Must have current AWWOA Membership

$560.00 Non-Members

$345.00 (For in-class courses only) Must have a current AWWOA Membership and be an operator of a small public rural water/wastewater facility.