Webinar - Employee Relations


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This two-part webinar series will focus on developing successful employee relations. Whether you currently hold a position where you are responsible for hiring, supervising and leading teams/individuals or are interested in this role in the future, this series will assist in developing your skills. It will cover positive supervisor and subordinate relationships and define the cornerstones of positive relationships. You will understand internal and external influences that affect relationships, the key principles of Employee Standards, OH&S, key corporate policies and procedures and how to effectively apply leadership approaches to nurture relationships.

Presenter: Nolan Crouse, MBA, CCMP
Moderator: Dan Rites, AWWOA

Dates & Locations

    • Session #1
    • Jan 17, 2022 11:00am - Jan 17, 2022 12:30pm & Jan 18, 2022 11:00am - Jan 18, 2022 12:30pm
    • Online


NOTE: You must attend BOTH days to receive CEUs. Attendance will be monitored through the webinar software.

Registrants must have a strong, reliable internet connection. Camera and microphone NOT required.

Delivery Formats

Webinar Training


Topics include:
-Describing a positive work environment
-Toxic and positive environments
-Factors that influence environments
-Federal, Provincial and Municipal requirements and obligations
-Collective bargaining
-Legislation and jurisdiction
-Codes of conduct
-Recent legislation changes (harassment)
-Diversity insight
-Discipline and other forms of performance management

This session will use GoToWebinar software. The second step of the registration process will be emailed out prior to the first date of the webinar. This step MUST be completed prior to the first session date. Once you have completed this portion, a link to join the webinar will be emailed to you.


$75.00 Must have current AWWOA Membership

$175.00 Non-Members